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Ed worked with my husband off and on for a year. He helped Mike get stronger and more confident as time went on. Ed was always prepared. He knew Mike’s strengths and weakness, and planned accordingly. Ed is very personable and always friendly. I would highly recommend him. Thanks, Ed.
Teri & Mike Murphy
I have known Ediz for  several years. He is AWESOME !

We came to know each other when he worked with several of our Assisted Living Residents in our Community. I have No doubt, that because of him they were able to Live Longer and Healthier Lives. He is Dedicated and hard-working.  He treats All of his clients with respect and kindness. He will challenge you, but he really knows body mechanics !

We have kept in touch over the years.  I have referred several people to Ediz for physical therapy / training . All have  expressed  much satisfaction with his results.

He is a very kind soul ...
Carol A. Hayden
Administrative  Assistant /  TUCSON  AZ
My husband Mike, was in the hospital for five weeks in February 2023. He had a lung infection which was difficult to control. March 28, 2023 the Pulmonary Specialist recommended that our best option was to go home with palliative, hospice care. We discussed and decided to move forward with his recommendation.

We chose Catalina Hospice for our provider. Mike was extremely weak, unable to get out of bed and take 2 steps to his recliner by himself. Hospice brought in a hospital bed, which we set up in our living room, oxygen and all other supplies we would need. Mike and I thought that maybe he would be able to get stronger with physical therapy. Ed Salazar was recommended to us by one of the nurses at Catalina Hospice.

Early April, 2023 Mike began physical therapy with Ed. It had to be in bed in the beginning as Mike was too weak to get out of bed. He was so tired and weak, he would even fall asleep sometimes during his sessions with Ed. Ed kept moving forward, never pushing Mike more than he could handle. Eventually Mike was able to get out of bed and do physical therapy.

By July 2023, Mike was so much stronger that Hospice could no longer approve him for services and discharged him from their care.

Mike continued physical therapy with Ed through October 2023. His health has continued to improve and his physical strength has improved exponentially. We attribute this to the work that Ed has done with Mike. We are truly Blessed and grateful that we found Ed to help Mike through his illness. We will forever be thankful!
Ann Turner
Dear Ed. We’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for you time, expertise, knowledge and commitment you provided for Anita. Your personalized program emphasized the areas that required the most attention. In a few months your training program was able to get Anita from bedridden to wheelchair to (assisted) standing to being able to get in the car/suv. We are now beginning to walk with assistance with a walker. We would highly recommend your services to anyone who needs intense, personalized training, to the fit person in need of fine tuning. Thank you for providing excellent service for Anita. Sincerely, David
M David Keranen
I first met Ediz when he was at a membership club and he became my personal trainer. We worked hard and I had amazing results. Fast forward to the market crash of 2008, a move for me from AZ to OR and then back to AZ in 2013. Life went on and I was noticing that while my mind still thought I was 45 my body told me that I was approaching 65! How could this be?! I began to seek out experts that would be able to help me look and feel better, age better and get me back in shape. During my search I re-found Ediz who had become a personal trainer with his own company and we reconnected!

My journey with Ediz began in August 2022 and at the same time I started hormone therapy with Renewed Medical Clinic and the combination has changed my life! More energy, tremendous strength and balance, reborn intimacy with my husband, better sleep and an overall feeling of happiness. I worked out with Ediz for almost a year, twice/week and could not have been more pleased with the results. I can’t recommend him enough – but you have to be willing to do the work. He is a great trainer!
Pat Leahy, Associate Broker
Certified Ethics Instructor, Omni Homes International
Ediz Salzar has been a tremendous asset not only to me but my BNL organization. He is professional and is always willing to help out in any way he can.
Bryan Huie
Owner of BNL and New York Yankees Scout
Ediz is my go-to trainer, to the point that I sent my own mother to work with him! I highly recommend him and will continue to refer to him.
Dr. Garrett Smith
I called Ediz when my husband’s arthritic knees and shoulder were at an all time weak point in spite of working out regularly with a fitness trainer.  It seemed no exercises were able to change the course of deterioration in his mobility. I read some of the testimonials on his site and decided to make a change as his focus seemed to be on treatment through exercise. The progress in my husband’s mobility is beyond what I imagined was possible.  Ediz listens intently and responds with a plan with pinpoint focus on each person’s unique needs. He assesses prior to beginning each session and modifies the session to deal with any emergent needs. His knowledge of the body’s function and how exercise can be modified to improve anyone’s ability is exceptional. Finally, we have confidence that with Ediz's guidance and our efforts, my husband’s deterioration has ended and he can continue to make substantial improvement.

We highly recommend Ediz if you are seeking individualized, flexible and highly skilled guidance in your body work.
Maureen & Paul
If you are looking for a trainer who cares and is tuned in to what you really need, look no further. Ediz is your man!
Julie Egan
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