One on One In-Home Personal Training

Working with an elderly womanThis is a very personalized and unique experience where we bring the personal training and the gym to the private settings of your own homes and to the assisted living/ memory care facilities. We provide a personal touch and share the years of expertise by bringing you the best information out there to build the best version of you. There is no need for big fancy expensive equipment you see in big box gyms. Simple programs can be developed with the most simplistic tools.

Our one on one service will provide a starting point for all individuals. Evaluations will be conducted decisively to create a baseline for each client focusing on health history, measurements, movement screening, and goal objectives short term and long term. A precise plan will be developed targeting key areas of nutrition, strength performance, cardiovascular output, and other daily activities outside of the standard workouts.

This plan is our most popular because it allows the individuals to achieve their fitness goals in the privacy of there own homes without the distractions of others watching them in big box gyms. You don’t have to wait or fight for a piece of equipment. Individuals will learn proper techniques in all movement patterns and learn all muscles involved in each of the exercises. This is a school for you! Personal training is not supposed to be a forever thing even though we do have many clients who have been with us for a long time. Personal training is supposed to teach you about how to work yourself out eventually on your own without injuring yourself and to be able to progress and see the kind of results you always wanted to achieve for yourself. You represent us in what we teach you

Small Group Personal Training

This program targets mainly general population and athletes who want to share their fitness journeys with others like family members and friends with reasonable prices. You receive the same benefits as the one on one program with a bonus of having others around motivating you and pushing you to achieve your goals. This is an educational process you and others you share your journey with.

Groups can meet up in someone’s home or meet up at a nearby park. It still provides the privacy feel compared to being in a big box gym having everyone staring at you.

This program is also perfect for athletes. We have serviced many schools in Tucson in various sports. Teammates tend to want to participate together whether it be in practice for there particular sport or in the weight room. We have worked with many athletes over the many years in all age groups ranging from elementary to college and even semi professional. Too many athletes focus too much on bodybuilding and not enough on the real things that increase athletic performance. If your goal is to play at the next level then you have to make the smartest choice in strength and conditioning. Our programs have given the best opportunities for all our athletes at the next level.

All groups are only limited to five to six people!

Online Training Programs

This service provides a platform for individuals who are only interested in training themselves but need a road map to achieve their fitness goals whether it be in the privacy of there own home or in the gym.

Each individual will be set up with a plan that details their approach in nutrition, strength training, and conditioning.

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