Our Approach

Learning About You

Our direct approach with any individuals we come into contact with is to first develop a positive connection with the person. We must learn about their health history and fitness patterns to be able to assess them properly. We establish short term and long term goals to create a sensible timeline to create a workable solution to achieving success in both categories. We test exercises and movement patterns in depth to give us the best possible outcomes for each workout we implement with clients instead of guessing what possibly can be programmed. There is an understanding that you can’t generalize workouts for every individual because every person is unique neurologically, structurally, and mentally. We must create a safe and smart approach for everyone and give the individuals a true program for long term success.
Our testing protocols are in depth and unique so we can establish the precise programming for every individual to help them achieve the strongest foundations possible with the smartest approaches available. We want everyone to succeed and achieve the best versions of themselves compared to when they first started out.

What My Clients Are Saying:

"Ediz Salzar has been a tremendous asset not only to me but my BNL organization. He has helped so many of our players gain muscle and even lose weight if that is what they chose to do. He is professional and is always willing to help out in any way he can."
Bryan Huie
Owner of BNL, New York Yankees Scout, and Successful Educator
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