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We Are Passionate About Our Work

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Our passion is driven towards education and teaching individuals the smartest paths to unlocking their true potential in all aspects of health, fitness, and athletics.

Every journey starts with the development of a strong foundation to create a stable platform with basic movement patterns and stabilization techniques to allow for individuals to handle more complex and challenging skills to continue growth and improvements. The body moves in one unit and we teach individuals about the importance of implementing strength exercises that compliment our natural human patterns.

Finding What's Best For You!

Our testing protocols are very decisive in finding the right movement patterns and exercises for each individual to be able to improve without injury and become better than when they first started out.

Each individual’s bodies sends out feedback when they go through exercises and movement patterns. Feedback can allow us to figure out what exercises and movement patterns are the best for clients to improve without injury and which ones will create the most problems usually triggering pain, tightness, and possibly injury. Learning how to read a person’s body feedback takes the guesswork out of the equation and gives more definitive answers for long term progression.

There is a popular phrase we live by in our circle, Don’t Guess… TEST! This holds true for everything we do to our bodies to improve physical performance, aesthetics, and general health. Our approach is very unique and is the cutting edge to being the best system to providing the best answers for all populations in the Strength and fitness world. There is nothing out there that is universal for everyone. Not everyone is the same. Everyone’s bodies are unique in there own way. Our bodies change as we age!

What My Clients Are Saying:

"As a physician who was a personal trainer in my previous career, I can say there are very few Tucson trainers I meet who I feel comfortable referring patients to. Ediz is my go-to trainer, to the point that I sent my own mother to work with him! I highly recommend him and will continue to refer to him."
Dr. Garrett Smith
Health Professional

Building a Strong Foundation

It is time to find the right path for you.

Whether you are struggling with a health condition ( Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.), trying to improve athletic performance in a sport, preparing for a bodybuilding competition, or just achieving general fitness no matter what age you are you can always build a strong foundation and become the best version of you with no limitations with the smartest approach and best of all with no pain.

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