Strength & Balance Training For Seniors and the Older Generation

Our senior & eldery strength and balance training programs are available to individuals of any age with minor to very extreme mobility problems. Personal in-home or group training sessions are available in the following Arizona locations : Saddlebrooke, Catalina, Oro Valley, Marana, North Tucson, West Tucson, Foothills, Catalina Foothills, Pima Canyon, and Ventana.

Anyone can benefit from the implementation of strength and balance training, including older adults. Are you suffering from health conditions ( Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Fibromyalgia, etc.) or from injuries that limit your capabilities to live your life at the fullest at your age? These conditions can be debilitating to any individual, especially at an older age. Becoming strong is not about trying to lift a car or walk around with big muscles but it is a gateway to achieving the opportunity for yourself to move around more freely and lift everyday things with less pain or without pain at all in all due time. It is not easy to live life with physical limitations. We are creatures of movement and must continue to maintain and improve our human basic patterns to reduce and slow down the effects of aging and deterioration of our physical mind and body.

Think about this… when you limit movement and range of motion this can begin the process of deterioration of your mind and your body. Your joints become more immobile and stiffness and pain sets in. Your muscles atrophy, shorten, and become more stiff the more inactive and sedentary you progress yourself into down the road. What you don’t use you lose over time. Injuries and health conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Fibromyalgia, etc. can lock any individual in a small box limiting the most basic natural movement patterns that can affect their health even more and cause more of a decline at a rapid pace. Every person has a starting point… a level that starts the process of hope to break free from the chains of limitations. Nobody is without hope… there is a smart approach for everyone.

You can have all knowledge you can possibly obtain from books, certifications, and prestigious schools and obtain a generalized approach on addressing every unique situation with a universal philosophy but everyone’s body is detailed and intricately evolved in different variations that require levels of different approaches that is more identical to their current mind and body alignment. Our mentality and physicality changes as we age. Life stresses and health stresses change our mental and physical biology. Knowledge of this is gained by communicating with people we work with, understanding their health history in detail, evaluations on how they move and respond to movement, and reading how the body signals us to address the issues that can help progress the body to get back to baseline or normal again.

Our senior and elderly programs can give a wonderful opportunity to live life again without the limitations of pain and health conditions. You can rebuild the tendons, ligaments, joints, muscles, and nerves properly if you give the body the sufficient time, smart programming, and detailed care it needs to progress to this point. Every human body is different and requires the proper evaluation and approach that is unique and specific to you. You can’t get better if you are not willing to become about yourself. Let us teach YOU to be a better student on YOU!

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